Indonesian Warship, Banjarmasin-592 Escorted Raider 100 Infantry Battalion Soldiers to Indonesia-PNG border

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( TNI Information Center). Indonesian Warship (KRI) Banjarmasin-592 conducted a Military sealift operation to escort the Infantry Battalion Task Force Raider 100/PS prior to undertaking the security border task mission at Indonesia-Papua New Guinea border.

The task force was released by the Area Military Commander I / Bukit Barisan Maj. Gen Irwansyah with a Military ceremony. After the ceremony, the Task Force soldiers directly aboard the ship, located at the Belawan Pier, North Sumatra, Sunday (6/28/2020).
Cdr. (N) Sobarudin, M.Tr (Hanla) as the Captain of KRI Banjarmasin-592, said his warship was ready to dispatch the task force soldiers to their new deployment area from the Port of Belawan.

In addition, KRI Banjarmasin-592 is a Landing Platform Dock-typed warship which belong to Military Sealift Unit (SATLINLAMIL) Surabaya. Indeed, the ship is in current operational condition, both the engine and SEWACO system are in-sail ready condition.

On the same occasion, Commander of the Indonesian Navy Military Sealift Command, RADM. Abdul Rasyid, S.E., M.M. said, one of the main tasks of his unit is to undertake a military sealift power including troops, combat gears and logistics via Indonesian waters territory, which all these activities can be either carried out during the peace or at a wartime.

In carrying out their duties, every soldier must stay vigilant, be prepared and never hesitate in every task given in order to uphold integrity and maintain the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia in accordance with applicable procedures.