TNI Commander: Realizing the Nation’s Vision is Full of Challenge

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(TNI Information Center). National building which is part of realizing the vision of 'developed Indonesia' is laden with various challenges, both internal and external. This was conveyed by the TNI Commander Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto, SIP in front of 1,543 seminar participants of the Joint National Defense and Security Leadership Program 2020, consisting of 214 TNI Staff and Command College students, 103 the National Police Leader High School students, 499 Army Staff and Command College students, 241 Naval Staff and Command College students, 235 Air Force Staff and Command College students and 251 Indonesian Police Intermediate School students through a video conference at TNI Headquarters, Cilangkap, East Jakarta, Tuesday (07/28/2020).

The TNI Commander said that the current challenges which we are internally facing today were Indonesia's ability to handle the Pandemic 19 CoD, which meant focusing on a number of priorities such as maintaining public health and national economic recovery in order to avoid an economic recession.

The commander claimed that demographic advantage does not come all the time. For this reason, such opportunities must be utilized optimally by preparing qualified and competitive human resources in facing global competition. Indeed, we must focus on how to manage the potential of Indonesia's productive human resources to move alongside realizing the national vision.

Externally, national development is influenced by regional and international geopolitical conditions. At the same time, most countries in the world are also experiencing a health crisis and economic pressure due to a pandemic. As a consequence, many countries experience a decrease in the economy.

According to Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto, the Joint National Defense and Security Leadership Program 2020 should be a means to promote ideas and concepts that are adaptive, innovative and reflected to the current actions to face complex challenges in the future. This is in accordance with the theme "  TNI-Polri Alongside with Nation Components are Ready to Safeguard the National Building Towards Developed Indonesia ".

In the presentation, the TNI commander also stated that there are a number of things that can be taken into consideration such as the importance of cohesion between TNI-Polri operations and diplomacy by utilizing the media to achieve the desired purpose. Besides, the need to strengthen the cyber domain as a non-kinetic force to support various operations, both Military Operations for War (OMP) and Military Operations Other Than War (OMSP) to tackle cyber threats.

The TNI Commander also said that it is necessary to formulate an adaptive, effective and flexible power structure in carrying out tasks and sticks to the efficient in resources. For the TNI, it means a continuation of the  Minimum Essential Force and no less important is, indeed, the optimization of territorial strength that has a deterrent power and the preparation of maneuvering highly daunted forces to face threats.