Two Newly Warships Strengthen Indonesian Navy Fleet.

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(TNI Information Center). Indonesian Navy has been empowered by two new modern Quick Patrol types (PC-40 M) warships namely KRI Posepa-870 and KRI Escolar-871 which were recently inaugurated by the Navy Chief of Staff (Kasal) Admiral Yudo Margono, SE, MM, accompanied by the Chairman of the Navy Wives Association (Jalasenastri) Mrs. Vero Yudo Margono, at the Slipway Stop at PT Caputra Mitra Sejati, Banten, Monday (7/27/2020).

Technically, these 40 M PC ships were 45.5 meters long, 7.9 meters wide and a weight of 220 tons. The ships are able to cruise with a maximum speed of 24 knots and can end sailing for six days. The warships are also equipped with two radar units and a 30 mm cannon weapon and 35 Submarines (ABK).

In the ships launching event, Kasal said that as a maritime country with a large waters territory, the Indonesian Navy (TNI AL) is responsible for safeguarding sovereignty as well as assuring the stability of maritime security throughout Indonesia's jurisdiction. As a consequence, patrol boats are obviously required.

"The construction of these 40 M patrol ships were perceived as a development of the navy force as well as the national defense industry which ultimately contributed to the improvement of the national economy and the well-being of the Indonesian people", said Kasal.  

Furthermore, Kasal also added that the launch of KRI Posepa-870 and KRI Escolar-871, would serve as part of the patrol element under operational command.