The Role of TNI in Counterterrorism is Mandated by the Law

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(TNI Information Center). Acts of terrorism are rife throughout the world, including Indonesia. Acts of terrorism should be seen not only as a crime, but must be seen as a threat to national interests, so optimizing the role of the TNI in eradicating terrorist acts is an absolute thing as mandated in the Act.

As stated by TNI Chief of General Staff Lt. Gen. Joni Supriyanto when accompanying the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia (Menkopolhukam RI) Prof. Dr. Mahfud MD on a work visit and gave a briefing to the Jala Mangkara TNI (Navy Special Force) Detachment in Jala Mangkara headquarters, Cilandak, South Jakarta, Wednesday (07/29/2020).

In his speech, TNI Chief of General Staff (Kasum) Lt. Gen. Joni Supriyanto said that the President of the Republic of Indonesia Ir. H. Joko Widodo has stressed the importance of authorizing the Indonesian National Armed Force in overcoming acts of terrorism.

Kasum TNI said that it was an honor for Detachment Jala Mangkara (Denjaka) soldiers to receive the visit of Mr. Menkopolhukam this time, while the soldiers could demonstrate their special abilities, not only in anti-terror operations, but also anti-sabotage.

All Denjaka soldiers are required to have the highest operational readiness for speed, secrecy and stealth ability in all fields of operation whether by land, sea or air. The Denjaka is sourced from the best and most powerful soldiers recruited from the Marine personnel and also from the Frogmen Special Force Command.

The TNI Elite Forces are always ready to carry out the task of maintaining and upholding the country's sovereignty. "We do not need to be known, yet we are ready to devote our body and soul for the sake of this republic. We are indeed not the biggest, but we are deadly.