The Indonesian Navy Warship KRI AMBOINA-503 Sails to Ambalat to Escort the Indonesian Marine Task Force

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(TNI Information Center). One of the Indonesian Navy Military Sealift Command Warships, KRI Amboina 503, a Frosch-I / Type 108 ship with the captain Cdr (N) Bambang Purnomo carried out the embarkation of Marine Infantry Battalion 3 personnel under the 2nd Marine Infantry Brigade of Marine Force 2 Surabaya, at the Ujung pier, Surabaya, Tuesday (8/9/2020).


According to the Commander of KRI Amboina 503, Cdr (N) Bambang Purnomo, the embarkation of troops has the objective to support the military sea transport for shifting troops of the Marine Task Force who will carry out the 2020 Ambalat Security Operation Task.


The Commander of the Indonesian Navy Military Sealift Command RADM Irwan Achmadi, M.Tr (Han), who had inspected the readiness of KRI Amboina-503, stated that this Landing Ship Tank type warship is ready to carry out its primary task performing military sealift to Ambalat.


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