The Indonesian Warship KRI Sultan Hasanuddin-366 Rescues Life of a Man from Drowning in the Mediterranean Sea

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(TNI Information Center). The Indonesian Warship KRI Sultan Hasanuddin (SHN) 366 which is part of the Garuda Contingent (Konga) XXVIII-L / UNIFIL 2019 Task Force captained by Cdr (N) Ludfy, ST, MMDS., succeeded in rescuing and evacuating a Lebanese immigrant who was allegedly failed crossing the Lebanese waters to Cyprus, Monday (14/9/20).


The incident began at 08:00 local time while the KRI SHN 366 was carrying out the 37th task acting as the MIO Commander, received a report from the MTF element – the Turkish warship TCG Bozcaada F 500 that there was a Refugee floating in Mediterranean waters seeking for help and successfully rescued by the Turkish Warship.


Based on the report obtained from the saved passenger that there were other 37 passengers who were all Lebanese refugees on the boat who attempted to reach Cyprus consisting of 21 men, 10 women, 5 children and 1 person died.


After receiving the MTF Commander directive, KRI SHN 366 directly approached the location of the refugee boat to provide further assistance. At 11:58 local time, KRI SHN 366 arrived at the scene with the position 34 ° 21'06 "N - 035 ° 18'07" E. One of the KRI SHN 366 crews got a visual contact of a man floating and asking for help in a weak condition on the hull of the boat.


The Commander KRI SHN 366 ordered to perform the "Life Rescue Station" by lowering the lifeboats to evacuate the victim on board the KRI SHN 366. Then, the victim was swiftly taken to Beirut and handed to the LAF Navy as the Lebanon's representative for further handling.