The Indobatt Task Force Carry Out Security Protection on Blue Barrels Check

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(TNI Information Center). The Indobatt XXIII-N / UNIFIL Task Force from Bravo Company led by the Company Commander Lt. Inf Galuh Priya Pambudi carried out Blue Barrels Security Force Protection Maintenance Campaign for the Cambodian Multi-Role Engineering Unit (CAMBMEU) teams and the Lebanon Armed Force (LAF) who were inspecting the Blue Barrel, Tuesday (10/11/2020).


The Spokesperson said that the security task which was carried out by the Indobatt Task Force was part of a routine activity and in accordance with the top officials command to assure the safety of the inspection teams while inspecting seven Blue Barrels along the Blue Line on Spanbatt Area of Responsibility (AoR). Furthermore, such border check activity is crucial to foster a safe situation and mutual trust from both parties for not crossing the border, he added.


In addition, the Blue Barrels which were set up along the Blue Line by the United Nations in 2000 drew border lines between Lebonon and Israeli areas. The placement used survey and mapping instruments to retrieve coordinates through the Geographic Information System (GIS). Subsequently, a Tripartite meeting in 2007 resulted in an agreement that both parties marked the border area with the Blue Line on the field.