Indobatt Konga XXIII-N / UNIFIL Task Force Facilitate the Provision of PPE and Vitamins to Residents of Frun Village, South Lebanon

Cras eget sem nec dui volutpat ultrices.

(TNI Information Center). The Commander of the Indobatt XXIII-N / UNIFIL Task Force (Dansatgas) of Garuda Contingent (Konga) Lt. Col. Inf Prasetyo Ari Wibowo, S.Sos., MIPol., accompanying the Deputy Commander Officer (DCO) East Sector Col Inf Leonardo Sebastian provided Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Vitamins to boost immune system during the Covid-19 pandemic to the assisted village communities in the Frun area, which is the Operation Area of Indobatt Task Force Charlie Company, Tuesday (10/11/2020).


In his speech, DCO East Sector pinpointed that the UNIFIL East Sector is committed to provide assistance to the Lebanese people. He further stated that the existing good relations between the UNIFIL and the people of South Lebanon which are bound by mutual care, respect and brotherhood, will continue to be improved. Furthermore, it is expected that all parties, especially the members of the community in the Frun area will be able to comply with the health protocols and implement it during the Covid-19 pandemic, given the absence of a Covid-19 vaccine, he concluded.


Meanwhile, the representative of the local officials Mr. Mohamad Hamdoun in his remarks, expressed his gratitude for the care provided by the UNIFIL East Sector in supporting the efforts of the local area to fight against the Covid-19 Pandemic.


Additionally, the current aid on medical equipment and vitamins was part of UNIFIL's efforts to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic virus throughout South Lebanon.