TNI Konga MTF Task Force XXVIII-L / UNIFIL Secure the Lebanese-Israeli Delegation Meeting

Cras eget sem nec dui volutpat ultrices.

(TNI Information Center). TNI Maritime Task Force (MTF) Garuda Contingent (Konga) XXVIII-L / UNIFIL 2019 Sultan Hasanuddin-366 warship carried out a meeting protection mission between the Lebanese with the Israeli delegations.


This was stated by the MTF Commander XXVIII-L / UNIFIL Cdr. (N) Ludfy, ST, MMDS., at the 39th Marine Sector Quadripartite Meeting, located in the UNP 1-32A Area of Responsibility (AOR), South Lebanon, Wednesday (11/11/2020).


The Quadripartite Meeting is a four-party meeting between the Lebanese delegation and Israel mediated by the UNIFIL and the United States Government which discussed issues related to the boundaries and debarkation zones of the maritime area between Lebanon and Israel.


The KRI Sultan Hasanuddin-366 was mandated by the UNIFIL to carry out its role as a Maritime Security Protection element with the responsibility to coordinate the tactical situation description of sea and air to anticipate any possible threats which may occur at any time and could thwart the ongoing meeting.


In support to the implementation of its mandate, KRI Sultan Hasanuddin-366 worked hand in hand with the Lebanese Navy in surveilling and detecting any suspicious movements approaching the occasion and preparing a Visit Boarding Search and Seizure Team (VBSS) if required.