UNIFIL Sector East Brigade Commander Proud of Indobatt Task Force

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(TNI Information Center). The UNIFIL Sector East Brigade Commander Brigadier General Luis Jesus Fernandes Herrero Francisco Jose expressed his pride and contentment to the Indobatt Konga XXIII-N / UNIFIL Task Force Soldiers who have successfully trained Urban Combat training to the UN Multinational troops in the deployment area.

As stated by Lt Inf Ormuzd A. Wibowo, the Operations and Planning Section Officer of the Indobatt Task Force that this five-day Joint Urban Combat Training was participated by soldiers from Serbia, India, Spain, El Salvador, Lebanon and Indonesia, at UNIFIL Sector East Brigade HQ Lebanon on Friday (11/13/2020).


The trainers of this Urban Combat training were officers from the Indobatt Task Force, namely Lt Inf Rohim, Lt Inf Nugraha Y.P, Lt Inf Ormuzd A. Wibowo, Lt Inf Denny Febrianto and Lt. Inf ardimas Mahardika.


Urban Combat is a close-range combat strategy which mostly take place in rural areas. Such specialist capability is also applicable to a special operation to hostage release operation on a public transportation such as plane, train, bus, ship or in a building.


Furthermore, primary skills in close range combats such as speed, agility, sharpness and the surprise element are essentials. A soldier must be able to hide, run and shoot swifty and precisely. It is important as the civilians are presence in the combat area. Thus, a slight mistake could risk the safety of civilians and soldiers themselves.