TNI INDO RDB Rescued Another Six Civilians Detained by Armed Robbers in Congo

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(TNI Information Center). TNI Garuda Contingent XXXIX-B Rapid Deployable Battalion ( INDO RDB) / Mission de l'Organisation des Nations Unies pour La Stabilisation en République Démocratique du Congo (MONUSCO) managed to save another six captives following the earlier heroic rescue mission of four civilians from armed robbers in Kitupa village located near the area of responsibility of Combat Operation Base (COB) Bendera Indo RDB Task Force, Congo, Monday (21/12/2020).


The rescue began after Indo RDB Task Force at COB Bendera returned to the base and received an information from the local people that there were six other people kidnapped by the armed robbers. Later, it was confirmed by the head of Kitupa village, that the armed robbers were from the same group, namely Aigle Alelluya led by Kalinde Takataka.


Following the information, Indo RDB Task Force Commander Col Daniel Lumbanraja ordered COB Coy Commander Maj Ismail Taruna Vijaya to lead the patrol team with 40 soldiers. This team intensified search and rescue for the six kidnapped residents in surrounding areas. Within 24 hours, the patrol team managed to get Kalinde Takataka's contact.


With the assistance of ex-militia contact, the team conducted negotiation with the armed robbers. They requested for ransom for the release of the six captives. During the negotiation, Maj Vijaya offered the option to facilitate the militias the UN programs such as giving them jobs to those who surrendered and that they will safely be guaranteed to return into the society.


After a long tough approaches and negotiation, the militias agreed to show the captives location. Then, the patrol team swiftly moved to release the captives and handed back to their families in the village of Crispin. The mission successfully accomplished. The head of the village appreciated the Indo RDB efforts to rescue his people, again.