Successfully Accomplishing Peacekeeping Mission Task, 205 TNI Soldiers Awarded Santi Darma Medal

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(TNI Information Center).  For dedication and contribution in carrying out peacekeeping mission task, the state awarded certificates of appreciation and Santi Darma medals to 205 TNI soldiers, the members of the TNI Garuda Contingent Rapid Deployable Battalion (RDB) Mission de l'Organisation des Nations Unies pour La Stabilisation en République Démocratique du Congo (Monusco) Chalk 1 located at the Canthi Dharma field parade TNI International Peace and Security Center (IPSC) Sentul, West Java, Friday (22/1/2021).


The conferral was held in a ceremony led by the TNI IPSC Commander Maj Gen TNI Victor H. Simatupang, M.Bus.


In his remarks, the TNI IPSC Commander said that these awards were a form of nation’s gratitude to the TNI soldiers who had accomplished their peacekeeping mission task in Congo Central Africa.


“I congratulate to all TNI soldiers for your dedication and contribution in carrying out peacekeeping mission task under the UN flag”, said the Commander.


In addition, the certificate and Santi Darma medal were granted based on the Presidential Decree of the Republic of Indonesia Number 86 / TK / 2020 dated 26 August 2020, to Capt inf Ahmad Afandi Dalimunte (Army), Sgt PDK / W Evi Dwi Nuryanti (Woman Navy) and Cpl Aldo Serena Putra (Air Force) as the representative of the certificate and medal recipients.