Sector East Commander Visited Indobatt’s Area of ​​Responsibility in Lebanon

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(TNI Information Center). The Sector East Commander of the UNIFIL (United Nations Interim Force In Lebanon) Brigadier General Javier Miragaya Prieto visited the Indobatt's Area of Responsibility (AoR) and Garuda XXIII-O / UNIFIL Mechanical Battalion Task Force Headquarters at UNP 7- 1, Lebanon. Saturday, 23/1/2021.


It was the first visit of the Commander to oversee the areas of Indobatt's AoR and to directly observe the Indobatt headquarters under his leadership.


The honorary visit of the Sector East Commander was greeted by the Indonesian Contingent Commander of the UNIFIL and the Commander of the XXIII-O / UNIFIL Indonesian Military Battalion Task Force Colonel Inf Amril Haris Isya Siregar S.E.M.M., 


Upon the arrival, the delegation was presented by a performance of the Gending Sriwijaya, a traditional dance from Palembang performed by the task force personnel.


Accompanying the SE Commander at the visit were the Chief of PIO Lt. Col. Fernando Bonelli Perez Viñeta and Chief of Operation Juan Gonzalez Vergara and Captain Alejandro Loureiro Amor.