TNI Konga RDB XXXIX-B Provided Trauma Healing to Children, Victim of Armed Conflict in Congo

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(TNI Information Center). TNI Garuda Contingent (Konga) XXXIX-B Rapid Deployable Battalion (RDB) / Mission de l'Organisation des Nations Unies pour La Stabilisation en République Démocratique du Congo (MONUSCO) provided trauma healing assistance to 38 children who fled and affected by the armed conflict. 


That was stated by the TNI Konga XXXIX-B RDB / MONUSCO Task Force Commander Col Inf. Daniel Lumbanraja, at Soekarno Camp Indo RDB Kalemie, Tanganyika Province, Democratic Republic of Congo, Saturday (21/1/2021).


The Commander said that there had been armed conflict between the Mai Mai Malaika militia group and the Self Defense Militia in the Kabambare area some time ago and resulted in the fleeing of 100 children.


"For this reason, the MONUSCO Southern Sector Commander Brigadier General Mohammad Atif Mujtaba ordered the TNI Konga RDB XXXIX-B Task Force to carry out a joint mission in the form of Long-Range Mission (LRM) involving Disarmament Demobilisation Reintegration Repatriation Resettlement (DDRRR), Cold Protection Section (CPS), Civil Affairs Section (CAS) and UNICEF to the villages of Mutupeke, Kalonda II and Kako, Maniema Province, started in early January 2021", explained the Commander.


During the mission, the TNI Konga XXXIX-B / MONUSCO Task Force led by Capt Inf. Ikhsan held meetings with several head of villages and communities in the areas. Information was obtained, there were 38 children who had fled due to armed conflict.


"Of the 38 children, there were 31 children aged 6 to 17 years. They were 28 Kimanu Elementary students and 3 Kahoyi Junior High School students in Mujuka Village in the Kabambare. Besides, there were also 3 girls and 4 boys aged 4 to 13 years separated from their parents", claimed the Commander.


In addition to the mission, the TNI Konga XXXIX-B / MONUSCO Task Force also carried out Civil-Military Coordination (CIMIC) by involving the Indo RDB Female Engagement Team (FET). 


During the Cimic, medical check-up and trauma healing were carried out in the form of dancing together and playing games to restore the children's state of mind due to the trauma they had just experienced.