The TNI Commander said that TNI requires participation from all components of the nation

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stated that until now TNI Military Command Iskandar Muda no one involved in the drilling of illegal oil wells that exploded on Wednesday (25/4), in Bhakti Village, Gampong Pasir Putih, Ranto Peureulak Sub-district, East Aceh. "Until now the Aceh Police has been investigating until several people suspected of being involved and have been arrested," said Commander of Military District Command Iskandar Muda, Maj. Gen. Abdul Hafil Fuddin, SH, SIP , MH when visiting the office of Harian Serambi Indonesia, in Meunasah Manyang Pagar Air, Ingin Jaya, Aceh Besar District, Wednesday (2/5). The Commander of Military Command said that until now, for operations in the mines and wells of the former Dutch heritage, there is no coordination between the Regional Government and the mine processors. The two-star general hopes that the government must take over the mines, and manage them completely and illegally. "It is our hope for the future, I have talked to the local government that the investigation result will be managed well in accordance with the existing law," said the Commander.