Pamtas Infantry Task Force 411 / Pdw Together with Sota Community Health Center Promote Healthy Life

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To instill healthy lifestyles to school children in the Eastern tip of Indonesia precisely at the border of the Republic of Indonesia-Papua New Guinea (RI-PNG) South Sector, TNI Soldiers Sattas Pamtas Infantry Raider Infantry Battalion (Yonif MR) 411 / Pdw Kostrad along with Puskesmas Sota teach students morning gymnastics together, how to wash their hands and brush their teeth properly.

Dansatgas Pamtas RI-PNG Yonif MR 411 / Pdw Kostrad, Major Inf Rizky Aditya S. Sos., M.Han., When observing the activity in the Sota District, Kab. Merauke, Papua, Friday (8/23/2019) said that in its implementation there were three health team personnel from the Yanggandur Post led by Dantonkes Satgas Letda Ckm Iwan Debri Setiawan together with the health team from the Sota Community Health Center and the Yanggandur Pustu inviting elementary school students YPPPK Yanggandur morning gymnastics together continues to teach teeth brushing and proper hand washing.

According to Major Inf Rizky Aditya, this socialization activity was given to YPPK Yanggandur Elementary School students, in order to instill a healthy lifestyle to elementary school students so that hygiene is always maintained, so that it will create healthy students and support them to achieve more.

"In carrying out this activity, the Satgas Pamtas Yonif MR 411 / Pdw Kostrad collaborates with the Sota Health Center and the Yanggandur Village Health Center, which is a form of synergy with related health in the border region to socialize healthy lifestyle from an early age to school students," he explained.

After the activity is finished, proceed with distributing green bean porridge, milk and bread in addition to its nutritional intake. "We also provide toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, bath soap to children so that what they teach can be applied at home from now onwards," said Major Inf Rizky Aditya.

Dansatgas hopes, with this socialization activity, children who are in the border area will better understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle. "Starting from morning exercises, maintaining hand hygiene and dental health, in order to support them achieving and instilling a healthy lifestyle from an early age," he said.

Principal YPPK Yanggandur Elementary School Mr. Emerikus Renyaan, S.Pd., expressed his gratitude to the RI-PNG Task Force Infantry Battalion MR 411 / Pdw Kostrad, Sota Health Center and Yanggandur Pustu who have taught our students a healthy lifestyle from starting gymnastics, how to wash hands and brush teeth properly, so that children in the future will understand a healthy lifestyle.