The TNI and ACT to Help Reduce the Burden of Communities Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic

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(Puspen TNI). The Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI) in cooperation with Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) providing humanitarian assistance in order to help ease the burden on the community due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Such was the remarks of the Commander of the TNI Marshal TNI Dr. (H.C.) Hadi Tjahjanto, S.I.P. Kasum TNI, which was read by Lt. Gen. Joni Supriyanto when releasing the humanitarian assistance team at the TNI Headquarters, Cilangkap, East Jakarta, Thursday (2/4/2020).


The Commander of the TNI said that Pandemic Covid-19 not only impacts on public health but also affects social life, including the necessities of daily life. This is the moment to unite, synergize, and strengthen one another among all components of the nation.


Parts of the community, companies, or social organizations have provided assistance in dealing with the Covid-19, various assistances to hospitals, medical personnel, and even assistance to affected communities.