Roles, Functions and Tasks


TNI acts as a state instrument in the defense sector in carrying out its duties based on policies and state political decisions.


(1) TNI as a means of state defense, functioning as;

an antidote to any form of military threat and armed threat from outside and within the country to the sovereignty, territorial integrity, and safety of the nation;
acting against any form of threat referred to in paragraph (1) letter a; and
restoration of the state's security conditions disrupted by the security turmoil.

(2) In performing the functions referred to in paragraph (1), the TNI is the main component of the state defense system.


(1) The main task of the TNI is to uphold the sovereignty of the state, to maintain the unity of the territory of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia based on Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution of the State of the Republic of Indonesia, and to protect the whole nation and the whole of Indonesia from the threats and disturbances to the unity of the nation and state .

(2) The main tasks as referred to in paragraph (1) shall be conducted by:

    a. military operations for war;
    b. military operations other than war, namely to:

Overcoming armed separatist movements;
Overcoming armed insurrection;
Addressing acts of terrorism;
Securing border areas;
Securing a strategic national vital object;
Carry out the task of world peace in accordance with foreign policy;
Securing the President and Vice President and his family;
Empower the area of defense and its supporting forces early in accordance with the defense system of the universe;
Assisting regional government duties;
Assisting the Police of the Republic of Indonesia in the framework of the security and public order stipulated in the law;
Help secure state guests at the head of state and representatives of foreign governments residing in Indonesia;
Helping to cope with natural disasters, displacement and humanitarian assistance;
Helping search and rescue; and
Assist the government in securing shipping and aviation against piracy, piracy and smuggling.

(3) The provisions referred to in paragraph (2) shall be conducted on the basis of policies and political decisions of the state.