Indonesian Delegation Appointed as the Chair of CTIF in Singapore

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(TNI Information Center). The Indonesian delegation, namely Lt Col Inf Henru Hidayat Susanto from TNI Intelligence and Strategic Agency was trusted and appointed as the Head of the Counter Terrorism Information Facility (CTIF) for the first time with one-year assignment.  


This was stated by the Indonesian Defense Attache in Singapore Col Pnb Benny Arfan during a working visit to the CTIF headquarters at Changi Naval Base, Singapore, a few days ago.


In a meeting on November 14, 2020 at the Ministry of Defense Singapore, the TNI and Singapore Armed Force (SAF) had agreed and signed a cooperation agreement in the operation of CTIF. This aimed to strengthen military and defense diplomacy related to terrorism issues through information exchange.


In addition, CTIF consists of 10 members who are the representatives of the Armed Forces of countries, namely Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, the United States, the Philippines, Brunei Darussalam, New Zealand, Vietnam and Thailand. This forum will later become a medium for early detection and prevention of terrorism acts in the region by exchanging information and utilizing advanced technology supported by Basic Human Intelligence capabilities.


Furthermore, Col Pnb Benny Arfan said that the TNI is a state instrument in the defense sector. One of its roles is implementing military operations other than war, which one of the roles is overcoming the acts of terrorism as stipulated in TNI Law No. 34 of 2004, article 7 paragraph 2.


In supporting the implementation of these tasks, TNI continues to improve operational capabilities and utilize military diplomacy to cooperate with the Armed Forces of the friendly countries in efforts to counter terrorism.


Meanwhile, the Indonesian Ambassador to Singapore Suryo Pratomo expressed his gratitude that the Indonesian delegation from the TNI was given the opportunity to become the Chief of CTIF.


"It is hoped that the Indonesian delegation will be able to give the organization a good athmosphere while at the same time helping to deal with terrorism in the country," he said.