The Largest Armed Militia Group in Congo Pledged to Surrender

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(Puspen TNI). The largest armed group militia in Congo pledged to surrender to the Indonesian Rapid Deployable Battalion (RDB) Task Force who are the members of the Garuda Contingent XXXIX-C/MONUSCO in Maiminggi village, Democratic Republic of Congo, Wednesday (21/4/2021).


31 armed militias who are known as Raia Mutomboki Ndarumangga group led by Munyololo Mbao Ndarumangga surrendered to the Indo RDB task force and handed over 18 AK-47 rifles, 2 rifles of RPG, 60 mortar, a GPMG, a spear, 20 magazines, 122 rounds of 7.62x39mm ammo, 365 rounds of 5.56x45mm ammo and an RPG grenade.


This success stemmed from the implementation of Civil-Military Coordination (CIMIC) campaign led by the RDB XXXIX-C Task Force Commander Col. Inf Sandi Kamidianto, through a persuasive approach and dialogue as well as carrying out various intensive routine patrol in the village of Maiminggi which succeeded in convincing the militias to return to the community.


“We realized that our task force hardly eradicated this armed group as they blend into the population. Yet, thanks to negotiations that they agreed to hand themselves over,” said Col. Kamidianto.


The Commander also highlighted the involvement of the Female Engagement Team (FET) in the operation as there was a woman militia among militiamen.


"This is the most beautiful gift from Kartinis Indonesia in the mission area, as they were involved in the operation, and surely continue to strive for providing sense of security, comfort, as well as winning the hearts and minds of the people," he added.


In addition, the militias and their weapons were handed over to the UN Disarmament Demobilization Reintegration (UNDDR) to carry out further processes in accordance with the UN provisions.