TNI Soldier Wins International Night Orienteering Competition

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(Puspen TNI). Pvt. Rendra, a member of the XIII-O Mechanical Battalion Task Force UNIFIL, won the first place on the Orienteering Night Challange after competing for the Sector East Commander Medal, held at UNP 7-2 Sector East Lebanon, Sunday (16/5/2021).


The Sector East Commander, Brig Gen. Javier Miragaya Prieto directly conferred the medal and award certificate to Pvt. Rendra before all contingent participants from other countries participated in the competition and made the Garuda Contingent XXIII-O/UNIFIL Mechanical Battalion Task Force Commander, Col. Amril Haris Isya Siregar, S.E., M.M., proud of the soldier who served at TR Bravo unit.


The Commander further explained that Orienteering is a sport which requires the ability to read map and compass while traveling from one point to another in the wild area and indeed, it has never been previously acknowledged by the participants.


"The map is not provided to the participants till the last few seconds of the racing start. The objective is to find the fastest route from one control point to another in order to reach the finish line,” explained Amril.


"By winning this challenge, it confirmed that the individual ability of our Task Force personnel shall be taken into account by all foreign contingents deployed to the peacekeeping mission," he claimed.