Joint Urban Combat Training: Sharpening Indobatt’s Combat Skills

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(Puspen TNI). In order to hone and maintain combat capabilities, the Indobatt (Indonesian Battalion) who are the members of the Garuda Contingent UNIFIL held a Joint Urban Combat Training (JUCT) with other foreign contingents under the UN posted to the Sector East, Lebanon (17/5/2021).


The five-day Joint Training involved a number of states such as Nepal and India including the host state – Lebanon, where the UN peacekeeping troops were deployed.


The Commander of the Garuda Contingent who also acting as the XXIII-O/UNIFIL Mechanical Battalion Task Force Commander Col. Inf Amril Haris Isya Siregar, SE, MM, while officially opening the event at the UNP 7-2 Auditorium, said that the JUCT is aimed to increase synergy among contingents contributing to peacekeeping forces under the UN flag in Lebanon.


Furthermore, he also emphasized the importance of fostering the same perceptions of task force personnel regarding the technical operation procedures. Thus, neither misperceptions nor miscommunication would occur among contingents while operation is carried out. He also believed the joint training is a good momentum to exchange experiences as well as understanding the character of combat abilities from each contingent.


"Technically, the JUCT is carried out in two phases; Indoor-based training, assuring all trainees are on the same page regarding the perception and action procedures while the outdoor simulation is the execution of the applied indoor training," explained Amril.


He further said that this exercise depicts a real atmosphere to the trainees on how they shall adapt to the urban battle conditions, where the difficulty lies not only in how to deal with the enemy but also how to protect civilians in the midst of battle.


"There were five teams who participated in the joint training namely Indobatt, Task Force-Bravo, Nepbatt, Indbatt and LAF (Lebanese Armed Forces) who was also acted as the training coordinator. While Indobatt - besides sending trainees, we also sent our best combat trainer specialists to support the joint training," he concluded.