UNIFIL Joint Urban Combat Training to Increase Interoperability and Exchange Experience during Peacekeeping Operations

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(Puspen TNI). UNIFIL Joint Urban Combat Training aimed to increase interoperability and exchange experience during peacekeeping operations.


It was stated by the XXIII-O Indobatt Task Force Commander Col. Inf Amril Haris Isya Siregar while attending the closing event of the Urban Combat Training chaired by DCO Seceast Col. Arh Budi Laksana, at the Sector East Headquarters, Saturday (22/5/2021).


Previously, in collaboration with the Sector East and Lebanese Armed Forces, the 5-day Joint Urban Combat Training has been successfully carried out and participated by five teams namely Indobatt, Task Force-Bravo, Nepbatt, Indbatt and the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF).


According to the Task Force Commander, such exercise was obviously valuable for the troops, especially in increasing their urban warfare knowledge. In the exercise, the atmosphere of urban warfare was simulated along with complex situations that often occur including the presence of non-combatants as well as urban terrains such as vital objects and public installations that required to be protected.


"Although briefly conducted, complex problems have been challenged during the exercise. A number of scenarios were presented in such a way to depict a real situation in armed conflict. Therefore, troops could respond the threats quickly and appropriately," said Col. Haris.


In addition, the joint training was divided into two phases. The first phase was indoor-based training, assuring all trainees were on the same page regarding the perception and action procedures while the outdoor simulation was the execution of the applied of indoor training.


Attended the closing event was the LAF Officer Captain Taymour Naji.