Deputy Commander of IPSC TNI Visits Garuda Peacekeepers in Lebanon

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(Puspen TNI). The Deputy Commander of the International Peace and Security Center (IPSC) TNI Air Commodore Benedictus Benny K, SH, visited the Sector East Military Police Unit (SEMPU) Headquarters at UNP 7-3 Blate, Marjeyoun, South Lebanon, Tuesday (25/05/2021).


During his visit to the Sector East Military Police Unit (SEMPU) Headquarters, the DC of IPSC expressed his pride to the XXV-M / UNIFIL SEMPU Task Force personnel. “The ability and the integrity of SEMPU in the peacekeeping mission must be maintained,” said Benny.


Furthermore, Benny received a brief presentation delivered by the SEMPU Commander Lt. Col. CPM Yudha Pratama, S.H., M.M., related to the conditions and situations in the Area of Resposibility (AoR) as well as the duties of SEMPU in the mission area.


After receiving the exposure, he also had the opportunity to review all the gears used by SEMPU Task Force personnel.