TNI Chief of General Staff: MPOME Answering New Challenges for Maintenance of World Peace

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(Puspen TNI). The 5th Workshop on Making Peace Operations More Effective (MPOME) in 2019 initiated by the Small Arms Survey and the Center for Peacekeeping Missions (PMPP) TNI is an answer to the new challenges faced in global peacekeeping operations.

That was the mandate of the TNI's General Chief of Staff (Kasum TNI) Lt. Gen. Joni Supriyanto during the opening ceremony of the 5th MPOME workshop in 2019 at the TNI PMPP Auditorium, Sentul Bogor, Tuesday (12/03/2019).

On this occasion Kasum TNI said that the MPOME workshop was expected to produce a strategic effort to support the realization of the Action for Peacekeeping Initiative (A4P) which was focused on the concept of proactive protection and the establishment of a security system and the security of peacekeeping forces.
Furthermore Kasum TNI conveyed that the security management system by controlling the distribution of firearms was a relevant thing to do and currently is an important subject for the United Nations.

"In fact, many cases of firearms are unavoidable in the conduct of world peacekeeping operations, peacekeeping forces have the potential to become targets of deterrence while carrying out their duties," he added.

At the end of his mandate Kasum TNI congratulated the committee in this case the PMPP TNI and the Small Armed Survey who had organized the workshop and delivered a message that this activity could strengthen cooperation between participating countries in order to achieve the common goal of realizing international peace and security.

On the same occasion Director of Cooperation Partnership Small Arms Survey Mr. Eric Berman said that the MPOME 2019 workshop was carried out with the support and cooperation of the Indonesian government as the host, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Australia, Canada and Sweden.

He further stated that the challenges of peacekeepers in the field of duty in the future are increasing along with the actions of the parties to the courage to seize the weapons of these peacekeepers.

"The purpose of this workshop is to equip peacekeepers with knowledge about efforts to suppress victims both by their own troops and civil society as well as in efforts to implement security techniques and material security of peacekeepers in the area of operation," he concluded.

The 5th MPOME Workshop in 2019 was participated by 13 participating countries and was held for 3 days until Thursday, December 5, 2019 at the PMPP TNI Auditorium, Sentul, Bogor West Java.