TNI Commander in Chief: Synergy of TNI-Polri Guarantees Security Stability

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(Puspen TNI). TNI Commander in Chief Marshal TNI Dr. (H.C.) Hadi Tjahjanto, S.I.P. accompanied by the Indonesian Police Chief General Pol Drs. Idham Azis, M.Sc. give direction to TNI-Polri soldiers in the Central Java region, located at the Semarang Police Academy Auditorium, Central Java, Wednesday (12/18/2019).

In front of hundreds of TNI soldiers and Polri members, the TNI Commander stated that the TNI-Polri institutions were two very large institutions with hundreds of thousands of personnel, perpendicular to the command line, possessing weapons and a vast network, from the center to the regions even to the villages.

According to the TNI Commander In Chief, the enormous power when synergized would become a force to support national interests and this would work well. The synergy of the TNI-Polri is extraordinary and its impact is immediately felt by the community. "The existence of TNI-Polri synergy will have an impact on the guarantee of security and development stability which is now being proclaimed by the government to run safely and smoothly," he said.

"One of the evidences that we have done is the security of Simultaneous Regional Election, Asian Games, natural disaster management in Lombok and Palu, and security of legislative and president election 2019 until ensuring to secure the inauguration of the President and Vice President. Everything can run safely, smoothly and in control. Therefore, the synergy of the TNI-Polri from time to time must still be put forward, "he said.

On the other hand, the TNI Commander said that in 2019 there were still tasks to be carried out until the end of the year, namely securing the 2019 Christmas celebration and 2020 New Year. "For that, we must be able to provide guarantees related to security stability, so that the two events can run safely and smoothly, "he said.

Besides that, during the Christmas and New Year celebrations, cooperation can be realized in the midst of the community through the empowerment of existing community components. "Community involvement in securing these two activities does not mean they act as security forces, but rather as a form of participation in maintaining security in their respective environments," explained the TNI Commander.

The TNI Commander also reminded that no community groups should carry out sweeping because we gave an understanding from the begining. "We also say many thanks to these community groups, for helping to secure the 2019 Christmas and 2020 New Year celebrations," he said.

"The participation must be accompanied by the TNI and Polri to avoid any misunderstanding. We do not want sweeping to be carried out by community groups, because sweeping is the authority of Government institutions. Besides that, TNI and Polri certainly have the ability and are trained in dealing with various situations, "he said.

The TNI Commander in Chief also expressed his gratitude to the TNI soldiers and Polri members who were ready to sacrifice their time not meeting their families on the 25th of December or the new year. "We unite to secure Christmas and New Year in order to achieve security stability and the implementation of the two events can run safely, smoothly and in an orderly manner," he said.

"Congratulations on duty TNI Soldiers and Polri members, happy Christmas December 25, 2019 for members of the TNI and Polri who celebrate and congratulate the New Year 2020. The spirit that we must keep igniting is that we continue to maintain the synergy of the TNI and Polri for the unity Republic of Indonesia," he concluded.