Combined Defence Area Command I Intensifying Sea Operation in North Natuna

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(Puspen TNI). Commander of Combined Defence Area Command (Pangkogabwilhan) I Vice Admiral TNI Yudo Margono, S.E., M.M. carry out joint military operations control, related to the existence of violations in the territorial waters of the North Natuna Sea.

Before departing from Halim PK Air Force Base to Natuna, Pangkogabwilhan I in front of media, said that this operation was carried out by Navy fleet Command (Koarmada) 1 and Air Force Operation Command (Koopsau) 1 with Alutsista which had been held namely 3 (three) KRI, 1 (one) maritime reconnaissance aircraft and 1 (one) maritime reconnaissance aircraft ) Indonesian Air Force Boeing aircraft. While the two KRI are still on their way from Jakarta to Natuna, Friday (1/3/2020).

This operation was held to carry out sea area control, specifically in the North Natuna Sea Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). This is one of 18 operations that will be carried out by Kogabwilhan I in the area for which it is responsible.