Commander Joint Defence Area Command I: Strategic Relation Indonesia - China Remains Solid

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(Puspen TNI). Commander of the Joint Defense Area Command I (Pangkogabwilhan I) Vice Admiral TNI Yudo Margono, S.E., M.M. conducted an Air Patrol in Natuna waters by using a Boeing 737 AI-7301 Air 5 Squadron, Wing 5 of the Sultan Hasanuddin Makasar Airport, Ranai, Natuna, Saturday (4/1/2020).

After carrying out the Air Patrol in the Natuna Sea, Pangkogabwilhan I Laksdya TNI TNI Yudo Margono in front of the media crew said that the strategic relations that have been established both between Indonesia and China must be maintained, and there should be no elements that worsen the atmosphere of strategic relations between the two countries.

Regarding the Coast Guard and Chinese fishing vessels in the Natuna Sea, don't let the situation heat up in Indonesian waters. The ships have recognized that the Natuna Sea is Indonesia's Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

Coast Guard ships in the Natuna Sea are representatives of the Chinese government and have been given an understanding of their presence (vessel) in Natuna waters. Chinese government vessels that actually already know the international rules, and already know the Indonesian government's policies. .

To the Indonesian fishermen who were in Natuna waters, Pangkogabwilhan I said not to be anxious and disturbed by the situation and conditions as well as the existence of the Coast Guard and the foreign ship. Marine security is the duty of the TNI, now it has been followed up by an Indonesian Warship (KRI) patrol in Natuna waters guarding Indonesia's sovereign territory.